Hi, We Are Ottava!

Welcome to Ottava: Where Your
Data Meets Its Creative Match

In a world brimming with uninspiring spreadsheets and databases, Ottava emerges as the vibrant, creative answer to your data dreams. Ottava is not just a product; it's a leap forward, a data revolution. But let us take you on a journey, behind the scenes, where Ottava came to life.

Our Origin Story Starts with a Web Spreadsheet Component

In 2005, the journey that laid the foundation for Ottava began with the development of the pioneer ZK framework, revolutionizing web UI development with ease. We embarked on this journey with basic UI components, progressively elevating their complexity, ultimately giving birth to ZK Spreadsheet. Over more than a decade, our immersion in the spreadsheet domain fueled our inspiration to introduce the next-generation web spreadsheet framework - Keikai.

Throughout the development of two generations of web spreadsheet frameworks, our voyage was marked not only by the accumulation of technical expertise but also by meaningful interactions with a diverse range of clients. We serve Fortune 500 enterprises, delivering excellence. We're also the go-to choice for individuals and small teams seeking a white-label Google Sheets alternative, empowering users to protect their intellectual property and share domain expertise with both customers and those seeking guidance.

Beyond our exceptional voyage with spreadsheets, we've also excelled in the domain of SaaS platforms. A testament to this achievement is our acclaimed Project Management Software, Quire, faithfully serving thousands of companies for a remarkable decade.

“Spreadsheets have been around since ancient Babylonian times, so their basic concept should be straightforward. However, when it comes to data pivoting, a 2D data entry table can add unnecessary cumbersome. This is why Ottava came to life – to retain Excel's strengths and core values while eliminating the complexities of data entry and analysis.”

- Henri Chen / Founder of Ottava

Our Mission

From Excel Templates to App Builders to Effortless Data Management, our journey unfolds. The pivotal revelation came when we understood that templates are indeed full-fledged apps, leading us toward the path of No Code innovation. However, our challenge lies in mastering data management – from inputting data seamlessly to interpreting it intelligently. Ottava empowers users to maintain their familiar Excel-based workflow while gaining the added capability to perform advanced data analysis.

Our Value

Ottava is the perfect synergy of tradition and innovation. While inheriting Excel's valuable features, we approach spreadsheets with a modern and intuitive touch. Our extensive expertise in Excel and spreadsheet functionality propels us to develop a more comprehensive product. Ottava ensures that data input aligns seamlessly with user expectations, minimizing errors and providing a unique experience.

Designed for non-engineering end-users, Ottava streamlines data management, chart creation, and data analysis, eliminating the need for technical expertise. It bridges the divide between your requirements and the intricacies of conventional data tools, delivering an unparalleled and intuitive data management experience.

The Sky is The Limit for Ottava

At Ottava, we're not just enhancing spreadsheets; we're redefining productivity. Join us in this innovative journey, where every spreadsheet becomes an application, and every user becomes a creator.

Welcome to Ottava - Where Innovation Begins, and Boundaries Disappear.